Ateliers des écoliers

Encore !! - Musical Theatre en anglais


Cet atelier a lieu chaque mercredi à 14h.

Learn to sing, dance and act like a star! This class focusses on building singing and dancing technique as well as encouraging creativity and building the children’s confidence. During classes we will do fun warm up exercises, learn a song and dance, and play themed games to help develop the children’s imaginations. With themes such as Matilda, MaryPoppins, Oliver and The Wizard of Oz; we will explore characters and songs from well-loved Broadway musicals.

*The class is run in English.

Vous pouvez réserver cet atelier avec un pass de 5 (125€) ou 10 séances (230€) ou pour toute l'année avec un forfait annuel de 690€ (19€/séance). Les ateliers/cours achetés avec un forfait annuel sont assurés chaque semaine hors vacances. Vous pouvez payer comptant ou en 4 fois sans frais soit 4x172,5€. Pour le paiement en 4 fois veuillez nous voir sur place à Petite Forêt.

Pour réserver, veuillez cliquer sur le prochain atelier.


Rhian Nichol
Born and raised in the UK, I studied performing arts and then went on to work professionally as an actress and singer. I worked extensively in children's theatre (which I loved) and began teaching musical theatre and dance when I arrived in Paris ten years ago. I am program director at a stage school teaching performing arts to over 300 children a year. I've recently become a mum myself to a little girl and can't wait to meet all your big stars!

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